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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The results are in

Up 1.6lbs.  Happy birthday to me. Whoops!  I did it to myself.  Let’s recap what I have done wrong over the last 3 days:

  1. Mile high chocolate cake
  2. stacked sandwich with breaded cheese on it
  3. French Onion soup (sodium in it is killer)

All of these things are contributing factors. NOW, the good news is that given all of these factors, I was ONLY up 1.6.  I think had it not been for my 4hrs of jogging over the past 4 days – it could have been much worse.

Last night I wasn’t feeling so great when I posted. So, here’s some photos of food from the day;

Leftover stacked sandwich DSCN3403

Kale chips & sweet potato chipsDSCN3404

Pumpkin pie yogurt (3/4c plain ff yogurt, 1/2c pumpkin puree, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, splenda) DSCN3409

Chicklet wasn’t so keen on the look of my yogurtDSCN3413

So, while spending time on the couch last night I started thinking about how excited I am for Christmas (hello – 50 days away!).  If you’re a Christmas lover like me, you can’t help but love all the commercials on TV… especially ones featuring this guy:DSCN3416

You know I saw him at my Superstore a couple of months ago?  Yep, I was walking down the cereal aisle and there he was, walking by (8am on a Saturday) with one of the managers! He was very tall and skinny in person.  So anyway… I was thinking about how excited I am for Christmas when some little friends appeared!DSCN3417

Hello my little Christmas friends!!

So… today I woke up feeling lousy. My head was heavy, my throat hurt… I couldn’t imagine jogging but I couldn’t sleep either.  I got all showered and attempted to get dressed for work but my clothes felt so heavy I thought to myself ‘what am I doing? I am NOT going!’.  I called in sick.  I felt better mid-day and found myself deciding to hang up some laundry… which turned into totally cleaning out the closet. My place was chaos.

DSCN3418 DSCN3419 I ended up cleaning out my closet (which is a big closet – which means TONS of stuff in it). I threw out a few garbage bags of stuff, had a garbage bag of clothes to donate (some stuff I was going to keep but realized I hadn’t wore it in a year so I donated it!) as well as a huge kitchen garbage bag of clothes to give to my dad for rags (Alex will be so thrilled NOT to see me wear some of those ratty t-shirts anymore – the ‘used-to-be-white’ t shirts are gone dear!!!).

Tonight Alex picked me up to take me to WW… that’s when my throat started to hurt again – once I was talking.  He was a little surprised at how lousy my voice sounded and he and my mom advised me to call in sick tomorrow… so I have already done that.

Tomorrow’s plans? Clean out the storage area closet, maybe a jog? NOT talking, resting when needed, lot’s of fluids… then dinner at the food court before going to see ‘Couples Retreat’!  Saturday I get to head to my parents’ house for the weekend to celebrate my birthday with the family – including my nephew! Yay!!

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