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Monday, November 30, 2009

So long November!

I can’t believe November is being put to bed for another year.  I’m excited for December though! I have most of the month off from work and can do extra jogging/workouts and baking!  I’ve been devising my plan of attack for the holidays.

So, you haven’t seen me since Thursday. I can sum up the weekend in some photos for you!

DSCN3815There was a Christmas party

There was wine, food and dancing… great time!DSCN3799 

I made tuna casseroleDSCN3795 DSCN3797

There was comfort food in the form of a toasted PB & honey sandwich for breakfastDSCN3821

I also ventured into making my own nut butters. I thought I would try making my own almond butter with my new pet processor… Almond butter turned into cocoa almond butter and so good!  Cashews turned into such sweet cashew butter. THE BEST!

DSCN3824 Almond butter

DSCN3827 cashew butter

DSCN3832 Cashew toast

DSCN3833 Almond toast

DSCN3835 together now!

DSCN3822 Sunday fruit salad

DSCN3836 Monday quesadillas

Okay… so, in an effort to get to bed at a decent time I will tell you what I ate today. BUT, I must warn you that my stomach has been rejecting food since yesterday… I don’t know why it’s mad at me. Yesterday ended up being an unplanned ‘rest’ day.  The good news is despite feeling yucky today, I still managed a quick jog.  As for what I ate…

Breakfast: WW toast (1), 1tbsp butters (2)

Lunch: 2 WW tortillas (2), cheese (2), salsa (0), apple (1), date ball (1)

Snack: fruit salad with banana (2), kiwi (1), berries (1)

Dinner: spinach/tomato/mushrooms/zucchini/red onion/garlic (0) chicken breast (3)

Total: 16 – and yet I still feel I will be up tomorrow. Hello bloated city!!

Happy Tuesday tomorrow… Welcome December… and wait to watch The Biggest Loser – can you believe next week is the finale??  I will miss the show, but I have already seen the commercials for the next season starting the first week of January. Yay!

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