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Saturday, November 21, 2009

What Grass??

Well… I am happy to report I did “recover” from yesterday as I had hoped.  The day started out with a little bit of this…


That would be a straight up Amazing Grass Wheatgrass shot.  Oh my.  I thought it might be a good way to start the day off on the right foot.  Go me.  Overall… a little bit nasty, but tolerable.

After the shot I got this butt on the treadmill and had a jog while watching Mickey’s once Upon a Christmas.  I then packed myself up and headed towards Pontypool where I helped my sister make a fruit bouqet…


She did all the work… but I tried to help.  I supplied the flower cookie cutter.  We had some dinner and then mom and I headed to Shoppers Drug Mart to spend at least $50 and get 20X the points.  After that we headed to the grocery store (where I found coconut cream Larabars!!!  Yahooo! A rare find indeed) and back home. Busy day. I think I will sleep well tonight… and it’s a good thing. Tomorrow is the Lindsay Santa Claus Parade!

Here’s what I ate today…

Pre-breakfast: wheatgrass shot (0)

Breakfast: ww toast (1), 45g cheese (3), pomegranate (1)

Lunch: Cherry Pie Larabar (4), fruit bites (2), light babybel (1), apple (1), cracker barrel cheese slice (1)

Dinner: turkey sausage soup (4?), few more fruit bites (1)

Total: 19, water: 2L

So… my stomach is growling while I write this… but I am ignoring it!!  It can’t really be hungry… it just knows I’m at mom and dad’s house and wants me to do mindless late night eating.  Actually, I’m exhausted so I’m heading to bed.  Here’s a photo of the turkey sausage soup mom made.


Wish me luck for tomorrow.  1 day down, 1 to go of being good in this challenging place!  I will do it though. I want to get my ticker at it’s goal by Christmas.  Or, at the very least… lose another 15lbs.


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