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Thursday, November 26, 2009

1 down, 14 to go

So, I was down 1lb tonight. This is my challenging week so any time I don’t gain I’m happy. I feel like I worked hard this week.

I jogged for a half an hour this morning, but no walk at lunch.  Today was the first day in the new office and it’s chaotic to say the least. I was so tired and so happy to get out of there at 4:30.  I can’t wait until tomorrow at 4:30… and then get my hair coloured Saturday morning!

Anyway… tonight has been the usual subway… mmmm…DSCN3794 I could eat it every night I think.

I also treated myself to 3 Lindor chocolates (the red ones – my FAVE!).  My other treat was the last half cup of my fat free ice cream.

The exciting news is that my Grandpa Pearl gift came in today (not the Garmin, the other gift from her!)

DSCN3791 Can’t wait to bake with my new food processor!!! My mixer is called “my pet mixer”… this is called “my pet Pro(cessor)”… or ‘my pet pro Pearl’ (because grandma was a pro baker).

Here’s some of my pets all lined up…


(processor, mixer and blender… not in the photo is the matching toaster as well!).  Now, my blender is broken and I’ll be replacing it one day.  All that’s missing is the red KitchenAid coffee maker (which I will get one day even though Alex and I don’t drink coffee… guests do!).  One day I will also own the red KitchenAid pots and pans (they always go on special for half price at Canadian Tire… but I’m not buying them just yet!). One day I will have the most kick-butt kitchen ever for cooking and baking!!

Happy Friday!!

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