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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I did it!!

To quote my adorable 2yr old nephew; “Good job Aunt Jen”!!  I pulled off 2 days at mom and dad’s house without so much as straying off of my healthy eating plan at all.  ZERO indulging. ZERO regrets.  Woohoo!  Hello pride. It’s been a while since I’ve felt you this strong… I must remember this feeling and feel you even MORE throughout the rest of the holidays. This weekend was the first Christmas weekend (of many)… I am starting off on the right foot.

Today involved getting up, visiting with my mom and dad… then heading to Lindsay for the Santa Claus Parade.  After the parade we ran some errands then went back home for some dinner.  I left their house around 8 and didn’t get back here until after 9 because I had my own stop to make (for some apples, pomegranates and tangerines!).  I’m totally exhausted now.  I haven’t even put everything away. That will have to wait until tomorrow… for now bed is calling me.

First… some photos of today’s nutritious intake

Breakfast: Oats, banana & natural PBDSCN3676

Morning snack of some Christmas teaDSCN3682

This time of year tea is best served in a festive mug DSCN3683

Sometimes it’s difficult to make a meal at someone else’s house… you just don’t know what you can come up with from their cupboards. I decided for lunch to try to make a margherita pizza – ww tortillas, fresh tomato slices, mozzarella cheese and some basil. Turned out pretty good! I ate 2!DSCN3704

It was every bit as yummy as it looks. I made some for my dad and he really liked it too!DSCN3706

So, every year in the Lindsay Santa Claus Parade the Kawartha Wholesale Bakery place makes a rainbow bread loaf and hands hundreds of them out during the parade. My dad came home with 1 this year. I snuck a piece while waiting for soup to cook for dinner. I was famished and while the thought did cross my mind that I was eating dreaded white bread… You only live once. I mean, it’s RAINBOW bread! It was very fresh, soft… and yummy! I want to bake some!DSCN3740

After bread but before dinner I decided to throw together a trifle. This is a chunk of angel food cake and some thawed raspberries on it…. before I ate it.DSCN3742

Here’s the trifle I threw together in about 10min. We ate almost the whole thing for dessert (only 3 of us!)DSCN3744

Here’s my big bowl full (followed by another half bowl)DSCN3747

So, there you have it. A photo summary of my food today. Not too bad, right? 

I should mention a few other things.  Chicklet would like to put it out there to blog land that she missed her Alex this weekend. Look how sad she looked. DSCN3681

And, just for a laugh (Tara… you will remember these days… unfortunately Alex, you never got to experience my high stylin’ days… here’s a photos my mom found in my grandma’s old china cabinet. Not sure why she kept it in there, but she kept it nonetheless).  It’s me at Wasaga Beach the summer of 1990 (I believe). Check out the ‘do!DSCN3703

And just a reminder… 32 days until Christmas.  Here’s my mom’s new tree… a gift from my grandma Pearl. DSCN3698

It’s a very pretty and bright tree… just like my grandma. Such a beautiful woman who brightened any and every room.  I know I will think of her every time I look at that tree this year (and maybe all years from here on out).  She would be happy with it.  Oh… the tree has yet to be decorated!

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