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Monday, November 02, 2009

It's November?!?!

Halloween is over... It's pretty much Christmas season! There's tons of Christmas commercials on TV already! I don't have any decorations up or anything, but the excitement is growing! I thought about giving my blog a little 'Christmas looky', but settled on a new fall look for now. It's fair game after the Santa Claus Parade though!!

I took today off work. The day started out slow... with me avoiding any activity and being lazy. Before I knew it, my wonderful boyfriend showed up with flowers for me!You see, tomorrow is my birthday. He showed up to surprise me with flowers and take me to lunch! What a sweetheart. Luckily he had been in court here in Toronto (which I didn't know about, I assumed he was in court in the town his office is in!) and ended in time for lunch, but didn't have to be back at the office until the afternoon!! We went to Kelsey's and I had french onion soup (took my camera but forgot to take a photo!). Came home to find out the french onion soup is 11pts!!! Holy! After lunch we walked over to Starbucks and I had a grande half sweet non fat pumpkin misto (mild) - 2pts! This evening I have pulled off a full 1hr jog while watching the Christmas movie "Deck the Halls" (LOVE IT!)

So, what I ate today?
Breakfast - 2pc weight watchers toast (1), egg (2), blue menu ketchup (0), apple (1)
Lunch - french onion soup (11), starbucks (2)
dinner - home made black bean burger (2), 1 whole pomegranate (2), HUGH JASS spoonful of white chocolate wonderful peanut butter (3), popcorn (3)
Total: 27 - WOW, better tomorrow!
Here's today's breakfast
Water: 3LHappy Tuesday! I am off from work again tomorrow. Massage and jog planned... and hoping to get up the courage (and time) to try hot yoga... and then it's dinner at

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