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Monday, November 23, 2009

Mug Shot Monday!

Happy Monday.  Happy work-from-home day.  Tomorrow is my last day of getting to work from home. I’m a poor sucker who has to work from the Corporate office on Wednesday, then back to Whitby to our new office on Thursday.  I will enjoy every moment of working in my PJ’s tomorrow.

Today only included a short jog… because I was lazy.

Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: hard boiled egg (2), 3 clementines withOUT seeds, thank you Wal-Mart! (1)

Lunch: 1.5c broccoli soup (1), ww toast (1), cheese (2), apple (1), 1/2c ff chocolate brownie ice cream (2)

Snack: Coconut Cream Pie Larabar (4)

Dinner: spinach salad with turkey breast (3), cheddar cheese (2), Clementine (0), homemade honey Dijon vinaigrette with EVOO (2)

Snack: gingerbread caramel tea (0) YUMMY!

Some photos…

apple/cheese sammieDSCN3750

fat free chocolate fudge brownie ice creamDSCN3752

turkey Clementine honey Dijon saladDSCN3753

Gingerbread Christmas tea!!DSCN3755

And finally… ta da!  My new Starbucks mug. Looks like a take out coffee/latte cup… makes me feel like I’m drinking one of their hot drinks and I LOVE it!  It’s my Monday mug shot mentioned in the title!!DSCN3759

I swear, I enjoyed my caramel gingerbread tea so much more drinking from that mug!! (Gingerbread tea with Davinci sugar free caramel syrup.  Tomorrow’s project may be a sugar free egg nog latte… wish me luck!

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