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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2 down, 1 to go

So, tomorrow is the last day at the office. As of Thursday of NEXT week we will be in a brand spanking new office… an “open concept” office that nobody is really looking forward to.  I guess we’ll see how it goes over!

I still don’t have a home phone line. Don’t get me started about it.  I have informed Alex that one day when I finally move out of this joint… I am leaving Bell behind!

So, today started out with a 45min jog, followed by work, followed by home… dinner.. and TV time. I’m currently watching Merry Madagascar.  It’s SOOO cute, I definitely must buy it!  Now, I wait for Biggest Loser to come on!  Tonight’s the makeover episode – always fun!

So… here’s my food intake today

Breakfast: hard boiled egg (2), 1/2c pomegranate arials (1)

Snack: fruit/veggie/amazing grass/protein smoothie (2)

Lunch: 1c spaghetti (3), 1/2 chicken breast (1), tomatoes (0), veggies (0), garlic (0) – soooo good. yogurt (1), apple with cinnamon (1)

Snack:Peanut butter Larabar (4)

Dinner: 2c broccoli soup (2), chocolate banana bread (3), 1tbsp of chocolate chips (2)

Total: 22, Water: 4L


Breakfast (haven’t had a hard boiled egg in a while . It was a nice treat!)


Broccoli soup for dinner! So hearty!DSCN3590

Time to enjoy Biggest Loser… and hope a magic fairy appears and packs my lunch for tomorrow does my dishes.  Guess that’s what commercial breaks are for.

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