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Monday, November 09, 2009

1 down, 4 to go!

Well… not really 4 to go. I have 5 days to go before a day off (working Saturday evening).

I woke up today and managed a 45min jog.  I was hoping for 1hr but I was just feeling tired out.  45min is better than nothing, no?

So… I didn’t tell you about using my Garmin Forerunner on the weekend.  It’s a 305 and looks like this:

I used it at mom and dad’s house. It was SO COOL! I strapped on the heart rate monitor around my chest and walked around outside. It was really neat. I got to constantly watch my change in heart rate and my speed and distance and calories burned. I LOVED it. It made me want to jog outside today (but of course, watching a Christmas movie on the treadmill won out).

So, here’s what I ate today…

Breakfast: oatmeal pancake w/ 1/4c oats (2), 1/4c egg whites (0), 1/4c pumpkin puree (0), apple/cinnamon topping (1)

Lunch: ww toast (1), 1/2c baked beans in tomato sauce (2), astro yogurt (1)

Snack: smoothie w/ spinach (0), fruit (1), 1/2c vanilla protein powder (1), amazing grass berry flavour (0), amazing grass wheatgrass (0), chia seeds (0)… candy apple (1)

Dinner: 2c ww soup (1), peanut butter larabar (4), almonds (2), yogurt (1)

Total: 18

Water: 3L


Today’s oatmeal pancake DSCN3461


Lunch of beans on toastDSCN3465

So… that is my day. I have come home from work, made tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch and snacks and done the dishes!  I had 20min to myself, now I shall head to bed


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