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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well… where did the weekend go?  I’m going to recap my weekend one post/one day at a time for you.

Friday was your typical day at work… and then home.  Nothing too exciting.  No jog (typical for a Friday as well).

What did I eat?  Good question…

Breakfast: ww toast (1), 2 egg whites (0)

Snack: candy apple (1)

Lunch: 2c smart ones soup (1), yogurt (1), PB cookie larabar (4)

Snack: popcorn (2)

Dinner: healthy pizza w/ crust (6), veggies (0), 60g part skim mozzarella (3), 1/2 chicken breast (1), Canadian 67 (1), Larabar (4)

Total: 25


mmm beerDSCN3214 DSCN3512 my pizza

my pizzaDSCN3515 DSCN3514 Alex’s pizza

There you have it… Friday!

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