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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Hump Day

I am up far too late… I must head to bed!

Today was bookended with jogs. It started out with 45min and ended with 45min. I’m reminded why I don’t jog at night… I should be asleep by now but I’m still winding down!  Tomorrow morning’s last chance jog could be challenging.

I have lacked appetite today.

BF: egg (2) toast (1), wheat grass shot! (0)

Snack: cinnamon apple (1)

Lunch: tuna salad with a full tin of tuna (3), mustard & tons of black pepper (0), little bit of relish (0), full pomegranate (2), cherry candy apple (1)

Snack: Cashew cookie Larabar (4), Starbucks grande coffee with a shot of sugar free cinnamon dolce (0)

Dinner: roasted spicy broccoli & cauliflower (0), turkey breast (3), 1/4c ff ice cream (1)

Total: 18 (yeah, lack of appetite… won’t complain on a Wed)


PomegranateDSCN3777 DSCN3778 3 clems ready to go

Cinnamon appleDSCN3779 DSCN3780 Candy apple

Mustard tunaDSCN3782

I should say… I know my tuna looks gross, but I have discovered I LOVE mustard and tuna!

DSCN3786 roasted veggies

Now… wish me luck tomorrow please!  15lbs in 5 weeks… Gotta work my butt off (literally!)… actually, I gotta work my stomach off!

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