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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Down 3.8lbs folks! Woohoo!

Last night ended up being a quiet night. I decided not to blog… for lack of content!

Today started out with a 45min jog (while watching Flintstone’s Christmas! Yahoo!). At lunch I headed out with Mr. Garmin Forerunner for a walk. It was so awesome to have such an accurate reading of my progress!  I walked an avg of 3.8mph and burned 310 calories! My heart rate was around 150-160… not too shabby for the average person, but I have a high heart rate, so it’s not such a big deal. I decided to jog for 1 block to see how fast I jog when I head outside (the very few times I have done so).  Turns out I jog much faster outside. This could explain why it hurts me more!

Tonight has included some subwayDSCN3500 … where’d the sub go? Oh – I ATE IT! It was thoroughly enjoyed while watching this week’s 90210.

I have also eaten some Kettle Bakes chips (aged cheddar)


30 chips for 3 points. Not too shabby! DSCN3511

Annnnnnd…. some candy I stole from Halloween leftovers at work.

DSCN3505I think it might be time for bed already! I am hoping to get in a jog tomorrow morning.  I work on Saturday but have Sunday off. You know what I’m doing that day???  STAY TUNED!

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