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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

BOO! So, it's the big day. I hope Tara wins her Halloween contest! I remember being a kid and coming home from school and being SO excited to get dinner over with and start getting our costumes ready. I used to always want to have fancy store bought costumes to wear... but my mom always insisted preferred to make our costumes. Maybe it was cheaper, maybe she just preferred to be a 'hands on' mom. Either way... now that I'm older I do appreciate it. Anyway, we'd take turns having mom get our costumes/make up ready and wait to have our 'group photo' of the 3 of us girls before we'd first hit up our neighbours and then drive to a nearby town to beg for loot from strangers.

I can't believe tomorrow is You know what that means? (Besides myself turning another year older)... it means it's the start of the Christmas season! Basically after Thanksgiving in the US (Nov 26) Christmas is in full force. I LOVE IT! Of course I will miss my grandma this year... but I know she'll be happy to know I'm still going to love Christmas as I always have. The first year without BOTH of my dad's parents was okay... this one will be too. What's EXCITING about Christmas eve this year is that Alex has decided to join our Callaghan party!! I'm SO happy to have him experience what an awesome Christmas eve party we have. Santa will be thrilled to meet him. Now we just have to hope and pray every day for good weather so he can make the drive up to God's country!! If not... maybe he can hitch a ride with the big guy himself.

Oops. I got distracted... who got me talking about Christmas? So... with the reminder of Christmas comes the fact that I have a weight I MUST be by then. I am currentlty involved in TWO contests at work which I must WIN! Potentiall, I could win over $100! Damn it... I want that money!!! I'm finding watching Christmas movies while on the treadmill is helping me keep my eye on the prize AND I'm enjoying them!

This post all of a sudden got ridiculously long.

Yesterday was my last day at work for almost a week! WOOHOO!!! I came home and decided to try a snack I recently read about (somewhere... forget where... maybe the WW website?). You see, I am LOVING apples this season. Apples and cinnamon all the way. I read about a woman who puts SF jello on her cut up apples and it makes them almost like a 'candy' apple. So, I dug out some SF strawberry jello while waiting for alex to pick me up for dinner at Montana's. HOLY AWESOME! I highly recommend you give it a whirl! I will be buying more SF jello this weekend and I think I'll just keep it in a container to sprinkle on as much as I want on an apple (because 1pkg is too much for 1 or 2 apples in my opinion).

Dinner at Montana's was great. It started with a MUCH NEEDED beer and was followed by a 'build your own burger' with a ww bun, chicken breast, lettuce and tomato... and I chose the 'pasadena' topping MINUS the bacon. Whole thing? 7pts. Not bad! Medium sized baked potato on the side... with SALSA, no sour cream! Photos?
I am finding I'm much less self conscious about taking photos out in public. There is such a huge wave of food bloggers now... if they don't care, neither do I. I have been thinking about making my blog a bit more 'public' lately (by actually commenting on other blogs I read or linking to them)... but recently a few Canadian bloggers have been getting such harsh and mean comments from readers... I've realized I don't know if I'm up for that. I keep my blog very private right now (I think only 4 people in total know about it!)... I may just keep it like that. I wouldn't mind getting comments from the few readers I have though (who knows how often they actually read this thing).

I'm off to JOG before heading to Hamilton to see my sis, BIL and nephew for Halloween! Weeee!!! Hmmmm... which Christmas movie to watch while jogging??

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