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Sunday, October 04, 2009


I changed my blog layout today to reflect our upcoming holiday. I love Thanksgiving! The start of fall... beautiful trees... we're just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Christmas season!

In preparation for LOSING weight this Thanksgiving... I bring you
Thanksgiving Rules (formerly known as the Easter rules). I have decided it helped so much at Easter, they must apply again.

I was reading back over my April progress. I had 10 weeks in a row of LOSSES! How cool was that? Time to do that again and win my challenge with the girl at work!!!

Even if I don't win the challenge... it will be nice to lose weight. I have 11 weeks to lose (from this Friday til December 18th). I was going to aim for 2lbs a week, making my goal 22lbs.... but, I know myself and that may not be realistic. I am pretty sure I am going to set my goal to 20lbs (20.8lbs would be nice - to reach my ticker goal!).

Dinner was lentil chili... I didn't have popcorn (although now I wish I was eating it). I decided I don't think I got enough vegetables in today so I drank a cup of skim milk with chocolate amazing grass. I can't say I enjoyed it. Amazing Grass is MUCH better in a smoothie... I think!

I didn't jog today... but I walked. Walking is okay too, right? Sure!

I leave you with a photo of another grocery store purchase today...

Oats, anyone? Anyone? (the container is the one I referred to in my post from earlier today... I bought it at superstore today)

I think these will be enough to satisfy my latest craving for breakfast cookies and overnight oats. Also... I forsee some granola bars or oatmeal raisin cookies being made for Christmas baking! Hmmmm... I wonder if I could come up with some healthy pumpkin granola bars of some sorts for the holidays...

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