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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frustration Be Gone

Warning: no food photos tonight

So... today started out with a short jog (by short, I mean 20min). I wasn't feeling it. I woke up in the night and couldn't get back to sleep... so it was hard to jog this morning. My mood changes when I can't jog in the AM. I feel bad about myself all day. Guilt is a terrible thing for this Irish girl. I know any time this happens my plan is always to jog in the evening... but it never happens. So, I had a long day at work (angry people all day doesn't make for a fun one). I came home feeling blah. I hadn't jogged and my mood was sheer frustration/irritability. I hate to blame hormones (I get so sick of girls blaming their hormones for EVERYTHING), but I know that was part of my issue today. I decided (rather than complain about hormones) I'd do something about it. I decided to EXERCISE. I did sit ups and some yoga poses... and then jogged for a full hour. It felt great and I'm happy to report my mood improved greatly!

The dishes are done, my clothes are laid out for tomorrow. I'm ready to cuddle up with my puppy and watch Iron Chef America. BTW... the secret ingredient tonight is blue foot chicken (apparently invented in Canada - woohoo!). Why do they feel the need to leave the heads on the chickens when they present them as the secret ingredient? Now I can't look at chickens the same! There's 2 kinds of chickens in my world... those cute animals with their feathers and heads, running around and eating... and the chicken in the grocery store without feathers OR a head. I'm glad the Iron Chef tonight is Bobby Flay. Alex and I really like his show, Throwdown... we watch it Friday nights. When did we become boring? Wait... we always were!! haha!! (we're happy being boring and it saves money. Win/win!)

This is a long and pointless post. here's what I ate today
BF: egg (2), 1 slick pumpernickel (1), cheese (2)
Snack: apple (1)
Lunch: veggie stew (2), yogurt (1), apple AGAIN (1)
Snack: coconut cream pie larabar (4)
Dinner: veggies (0), steamed turkey breast - no head! (3), yogurt (1)
Total: 18
Water: 4L - still no crystal light. When will this streak end? I'll enjoy it while it lasts... plain water is, of course, healthier.

Side note... the scale is NOT my friend this week. I feel like I'm doing what I can... but it's not budging. The thing is, this is my 'bloated' week... I'm trying to beat it though and hope at least for a "STS" at WW! I bet it seems like I call many weeks my 'bloated' week. The truth is... I do have more than 1 some months. I refuse to give you details on a public blog though... so if you're a close friend and you want to know about my womanly issues... feel free to email me!!

Happy hump day.
Happy Subway day tomorrow!

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