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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whirlwind Day

Let's see how quickly I can recap my day for you before I hit the hay.

I woke up and relaxed for a bit... I had to wait until 11am to do any shopping I wanted to do. I went to Old Navy (2 new pairs of pants... to hold me over until goal weight of course), Bulk Barn (baking supplies), dollarama (freezer bags and a container for cookies) then home. Once home I finished up baking for birthday boy's office tomorrow. Baking done includes: chcoolate chip cookies, cakeballs and 2 loaves of amish friendship bread. I did all the cleaning I wanted to get done (bird cage - always a big undertaking, floors, bathroom). I did some menu planning this week... and quickly realized (since not grocery shopping this weekend) that I wasn't sure WHAT I was going to have for dinners after all. So, took a look in the pantry... and now I have a veggie/chick pea stew thing in the slow cooker (diced tomatoes, cream corn, onions, mixed frozen veggies, white kidney beans, garlic and some spices). I also plan (tomorrow morning) to try to make some black bean veggie patties. Wish me luck! Also... I managed a jog in there too (while watching 'ELF')!!

So... can you see why I'm tired? I wish I had accomplished a longer jog or gotten my closets cleaned out... but perhaps I can save that for next weekend.

I didn't get a chance to make a smoothie after all today. I stayed on points though.

Here's some photos from today's food
Egg in a basket (been seeing it all over blogs lately, had to try it. tasty... but I think it's just as easy to fry an egg and put it in a sandwich)

Pomegranate! Seeds from an entire fruit... I ate half of this (this is about 1c in the container) Pumpernickel bread with the rest of my beans in tomato sauce. Quick lunch but yummy.
My Amy's non dairy burrito
So... I think I will finish up watching Desperate Housewives and call it a day. Tomorrow I have to leave early for work to drop off halloween candy at our buliding lobby, then drop off birthday goodies at Birthday boy's office, then go to work... then come home! Only 1 week of work before I have 3 days off!!!

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