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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Food Network Wednesday

I shouldn't watch the food network on Wednesdays. It makes me want to PIG OUT... which I really can't do the night before weigh in!

Today consisted of ANOTHER jog before work.. then a busy day at work... then home to relax. Next week I'm hoping to introduce some evening activity back into my life. I'm happy just to be back to morning jogging this week though. It's unfortunate the scale isn't really moving for some reason... but I'll keep up the efforts and the scale will catch up to me!

I've decided this weekend's adventure will be a trip to Yay! I'm going looking for new Larabar flavours and some Amazing Grass - I hear they're at Whole Foods now. Hopefully I find what I'm after and explore other fun food options! There's a location in Yorkville here in Toronto... but the people were rude to me on the phone when I called there last night AND you have to pay for parking... so I'm taking a road trip to Oakville where the people were friendly on the phone and the parking is free (and the store is bigger)!!

So, here's what I ate today..
Breakfast - apple (1), pumpernickel toast (2), PB (2)
Snack - smoothie with just 1c fruit and spinach (1) - not the greatest
Lunch - edamame (1) and veggie (0) salad, apple (1), carrots (0), yogurt (1), tuna (1) on a flatout (1) w/ cheese (2) and lettuce (0)
Snack - carrots (0)
Dinner - 1/2c veggie chili leftovers (2), veggies (0), 1tbsp almond butter (2), 7 chocolate chips (1)
Total: 18
Water: 3L (still plain water.... no crystal light. I don't want to get my shiny new bottle messy!)

Good luck to me tomorrow!

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