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Saturday, October 24, 2009


So... let's catch up on Friday now!

I woke up early enough to jog, but preferred to lay in bed for a bit instead. I went to work, ran some errands on lunch (it's too cold for walks outside on lunch now! Only walks will be mall walks... and won't be every day). I came home to Alex here already prepping for dinner... I made something I used to order (back in the day) at a College/Bathurst restaurant/pub. It's a chicken/spinach/mushroom/mozzarella mixture inside pizza dough and wrapped up like a panzerotti. I used whole wheat dough of course... I made mine a good size but may have made Alex's just a tad too big. See?
His is on the left, mine on the right (can you see a size difference??)
He only managed to eat half (not even) of it... it was just too much dough! I ate all of mine!!

We spent the evening watching yet another Christmas movie...
Overall, another great Friday!

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