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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well, that brings us to Saturday (it's amazing how much blogging I can do while the TV is on UFC and preoccupying my boy!).

I woke up early today and headed out for Whole Foods. It opened at 8, I got there for 8:30. Only took me half an hour to get there (and I didn't even take my battery-dying camera to get photos). The store wasn't huge... not a Loblaws... more like an IGA. It's not cheap! I wandered around for an hour before heading home (only took a half hour to drive home too. Left at 8am and was back at 10am!). The people at the store were so friendly (but not over bearing!). When you walk around the staff walk by you and say things like 'let me know if you need help finding anything'... I was glad to have gone to the Oakville location over the Toronto one. Some photos of my morning...
So, they didn't have Peanut butter & JellyLarabars BUT, I did find this one. I have already eaten one and enjoyed it. You taste the orange zest and it's more refreshing than sweet. Thumbs up!

Yep, I may have gone a little nuts buying Amazing Grass!! I will be making a smoothie tomorrow with the berry superfood AND some wheatgrass! Wish me luck!While at the store I realized I was hungry... I explored their salad bar area and realized they sell their take out food in BOXES! I always see American bloggers with their boxed food and think it looks cool... so, I decided to treat myself (heck, I was already spending a month's rent on amazing grass). Here's my food...

I first grabbed some of their breakfast buffet... just a few wedge cut potatoes roasted with some tomato and onion... then a teeny bit of cheese melted on top. I had already eaten about 3 wedges before the photo. The other thing you see there? The bread? Creme brulee french toast. TO. DIE. FOR. SO YUMMY! I had eaten one piece already... and ate the other one as soon as I took the photo. Good breakfast. Nice treat! Next, lunch. Different rice/couscous salads, some falafel, some teriyaki tofu, some blue cheese, roasted garlic... little bit of everything! So filling (and some still waiting in my fridge) So, this afternoon Alex and I ventured out to tour around. I recently saw a commercial for Molson Canadian 67. 1 point beer? They have some in the US (MGD), but until now - not here. So... we found it today at The Beer Store!My review? LOVE IT! It's my new beer for sure. I have also baked several dozen cookies and a few other things for the birthday boy on Monday.

Tomorrow will be running errands, more baking, cleaning and JOGGING! I jogged almost every day last week and it finally felt good to jog again. No more shin or calf pain (knock on wood). I'm ready for a longer jog tomorrow. Now... back to UFC. Yippee!

Please join me in wishing Tara GOOD LUCK in her half marathon tomorrow!!!

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Molson said...

Hey Jen,

Miriam from Molson here. I just wanted to reach out to you to say Thanks a lot for the posting about Molson Canadian 67 and the link to the Web site. Glad that you like the beer.

We're always interested in knowing what you think / feel.

In case you want to check it out we have facebook fan page as well. Hope to see you there!