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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday already?

Well... today started out with my regular 6am alarm clock calling me. I couldn't get up. After another hour and a half in bed I decided 'screw it'... if others can use up all of their sick days (and more!), so can I. I thought I was just tired yesterday from waking up early... but now I don't know. I was asleep by 9:45 last night and still couldn't wake up at 6 and 7am?? I managed to get out of bed by 9 and spent the day on the couch.... until a little while ago. I pulled off a 45min jog.

So, in a few short minutes I am going to WI. I'll be up. This is a fact. On to next week!!! Today while I was lying around I came up with menu plans. Alex and I are also going to splurge for dinner tomorrow night and eat out. We had figured we'd just grab foodcourt... but I suggested we try Freshii (link) - it's a place really close to me and looks like I can get such healthy YUMMY stuff there!!! Just check out their menu! I can plan ahead what I will order and know exactly how many points it is thaniks to their nutrition calculator on their site. Why or why have we not tried this place sooner?

I will be back with the sad results later. Hey, at least I jogged today. My shins hurt for the first 20min, but after that... it truly felt GREAT!

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