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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holy Moly

I was down 0.6lbs. I not only managed to not gain... I managed a loss!

When I last left you I was thrilled to have jogged a solid hour to help my mood. This morning I woke up early and raring to go... I wanted to jog again! Normally I consider myself lucky if find time for a 45min jog (the usual) in the morning. Today? Another full hour! 2 hours of jogging within 10 hours. Between the jogging and the abs... I was SORE today. Loved it!

I have eaten a bunch of stuff tonight (besides my beloved turkey sub)

Photos... I decided to stop at Shoppers and spotted these. Sure, I've seen sugar free candy before... usually with sorbitol (which is NOT good for me and my GI system!!). These were special though. Can you tell why?
Can you see why yet?Here we have it... they are sweetened with SPLENDA! Yippee!I didn't mind the jelly beans.. .the gummy candy weren't SO great. 2pts for 1 serving.
THEN... I decided to try these. HOLY GREAT! 2 cups are 2 points (maybe you can pull off 3 cups for 2pts too actually). They tasted JUST like the hickory and bacon potato chips I used to love as a kid. I ate half the bag!! I am saving some for my lunch tomorrow too.
Happy Friday! Alex and I are being treated out to dinner tomorrow night courtesy of his parents. I must remember to plan my dinner! Woohoo for not cooking and cleaning!

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