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Friday, September 28, 2007

GOOD JOB, TARA! YOU ROCKED THIS WEEK!! You're well on your way to that goal!!!

My day has started off rocky... but I CAN recover still.

I woke up wide awake at 5:30 and had my breakfast... but then fell asleep on the couch. I woke up later than I would like AND had a sweets craving (and gave in!). So here's what my day is shaping up like, food wise;

Breakfast - ww bagel (2), 1 tbsp PB (2)... followed by TWO (read: not ONE but TWO) cheesecakes (2).

Lunch (due to sleeping and NOT making one) - WW smart ones rigatoni and cheese (6)

Dinner - I think it's SUSHI tonight! Followed by the movie "Knocked Up".

The good news in this all? For a brief moment I thought about not being honest and ignoring I had eaten those cheesecakes... but then I'd be on my way to my old patterns and habits that I've been working hard to break... SO, I'm taking the high road and being honest about it all.

Tomorrow is treadmill then heading to Pontypool (a HUGE challenge for me... all the food at mom's house and me having to make an effort to measure/weigh things and count points... this will be tough. Time to recall that feeling of pride I felt when I declined the chocolate cake at work here a couple of weeks ago!!)

1 comment:

Tara said...

Awww, thanks Jen!
And don't feel too bad...the beauty about those lovely little cheesecakes is that they are ONLY 1 POINT!!! So 2 points outta your day isn't so bad. What else could you have for a sweet craving that is only 2 points?
Good luck in Pontypool. It's always hard when there's mom's home cooked stuff around!