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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Babysitting day is here!

FINALLY! I FINALLY get the chance to babysit my adorable nephew!!

We're leaving for Hamilton around 1pm and going to have a visit with Michele and Jacob and Michele is going to have my bathe Simon and show me how she prepares his bottles and whatnot... Then they'll leave for their day out... leaving Alex and I to watch Heffner, Chicklet... AND SIMON! I can't wait to give him his bumbo seat and take photos of him ALL DAY!

Last night I was on my own for dinner so I did a mexican chicken dish... threw some chicken and tomatoes (I HAVE to use up my basket of tomatoes I bought last week!) and black beans and corn and brown rice into the pan and let it cook until the rice soaked up all the water... threw in some texmex seasoning and garlic... it was pretty good. I figured out the whole thing was 8 points between the chicken, rice, EVOO and a point for the beans and corn together... but I only ate half of the dish, so my whole dinner was only 4pts! I'll have the other half today for lunch... or I may only eat half of it and put it in a ww wrap and have a burrito.

Breakfast today was: ww bagel (2), egg (2), tomato (0) and 1tbsp cheez whiz light (1)

I already went on the treadmill today and I did increase my speed.

I was thinking... Isn't there a CNIB run for sight or something? It would be nice to do a run with my dad in that... for my grandma sibley... she was legally blind and the CNIB provided so much for her... and grandma always called us her "precious lambs"... so, there's our team name... I could get the family to join in... anyone who knew my grandma and loved her... anyway, I'm such a day dreamer... I was thinking about that on the treadmill and found myself running harder for my grandma! something to look into...

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Tara said...

I hope the babysitting adventure went well! It's so exciting when you get your nephew to yourself! Hopefully the bumbo seat comes in handy!
Awesome weigh in this week! Congrats! You're are doing so well.
And I'm sure there's probably a CNIB run. There seems to be runs for everything else! That's a neat idea to run in memory of your grandma:)