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Sunday, September 09, 2007

My weekend: the uphill battle

Although I KNOW i haven't done sooooo bad this weekend, I still feel like I've given in to cravings more than I should have. Now, if I want to look on the bright side... I'm definitely doing better than the past year with handling my cravings.

Last night was perhaps my most difficult task back on my 'road to [weight] reduction'... I was working an evening shift at SickKids... and to celebrate one of my coworkers annoucing she was pregnant... there was a TON of food on the table in the nursing station. I can resist okay... but come 9/10pm when you're starting to feel hungry again (following my SmartOnes lasagna dinner)... all I wanted to do was reach for the tostitos and ruffles onion dip... I kept walking back around the food... trying to resisit... and popping more and more gum in my mouth! Finally, I caved... but I did it with control. I ate 3 tostitos (not baked ones either!) and some dip on all of them... my guess is I had maybe 1 tbsp of dip (which is 30 calories according to the container)... then I didn't allow myself to have anymore. but man, it was the hardest challenge yet!

When I came home at midnight I felt hungry but couldn't decide if I was actually hungry or if it was force of habit (I used to come home from an evening shift and take a drive through the Wendy's drive thru... combo 6... spicy chicken burger with a cheesy baked potato... now, that was back before I even joined WW).... but when I got home and realized my stomach was growing... I had to eat. so, I had 15 triscuits with 2 tbsp light cream cheese (onion one, so 2pts). So, I did end up using flex points yesterday and going over my ideal calorie intake.. but what can you do? these things happen.

Today I woke up at 7am and couldn't get back to sleep... so I decided to get up and start cleaning, since I was feeling like it (when you feel like cleaning - you do it! who knows when you'll actually feel like it again!). by 2pm I had lunch and felt tired... which lead me to spending the rest of the afternoon on the couch and napping on and off... so of course now I feel yucky (I hate napping) and haven't been on the treadmill... but I will go on tomorrow! I have no choice now but to go on Mon-Thurs every day!

I've eaten a lot today...

*3/4c shredded wheat n' bran (1), splenda and cinamon (0)
*1/2c skim milk (1)
*10 almonds (2)

*red pepper, red onion, mushrooms (0)
*egg beaters (1)
*small baked potato (2), with ff sour cream, 3 tbsp (1)
*kozy shack apple pie pudding (1)
*kozy shack cherries jubilee pudding (1)

*granola bar (2)
*cheese string (1)

Another snack:
*1/2c shredded wheat (1)
*1/2c skim milk (1)

*ww bagel (2), with tomato slices (0) and 2 ff swiss cheese slices (1)
*broccoli and tomato (0) with 3 tbsp ff italian (0)
*5 triscuits (1), with 1 tbsp ff cream cheese (1)
*100 cal oreos (2)

Man, I've eaten a lot today!!!

The one good thing about the weekdays... routine and structure with my eating!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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