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Monday, September 17, 2007

Post #2!

I'm back!
Tara - when I typed out what I ate it felt like I must be missing something, because it didn't LOOK like I ate a lot... and sure enough, I did eat a cheese string in between breakfast and lunch... but that's all, so I guess I didn't eat as much as I thought!

Since I love looking at Tara's meals so much in photos... and since I'm vowing to make my lunch the night BEFORE now, in hopes of making sure I have enough time on the treadmill and am NOT late for work...

Here is tomorrow's lunch!

It's a tuscan crab salad with FF italian dressing and 10 low fat triscuits. I'll also have a yogurt and a nectarine with it throughout the day. The salad has lettuce, crab meat, feta, red pepper, green pepper and green onion... oh, and white kidney beans. I'll tally the points tomorrow in my post!

Does anyone ever feel nauseated after taking your vitamins? I used to vomit after taking them in the mornings when I worked days at sickkids... so the one doctor there recommended I take them in the evening and not on an empty stomach... the last 2 nights I've taken my vitamins they've made me feel quite ill! I think I've taken them around when i've eaten something... I think for me, the key is to take them on an empty stomach! It's been about 2 years since they made me sick... and they're the same ones... so I think it's a fluke. But I don't know if I'm odd or if other people get this! (yes, I realize I'm always odd no matter what... because I KNOW if Alex is reading this, that's what he's thinking... thank GOD I'm not as odd as HIM! haha!).

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Tara said...

oooohhh, looks like a good lunch! It's fun to see pictures of what people are eating! Helps give me new ideas and motivation :)
And I am bad...I don't take any vitamins but I was thinkiing I should start. Which ones do you take? Since I'm a veggie, I was thinking that I'm probably lacking in some things. Good thing I have a doctor's appt. soon!