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Sunday, September 23, 2007

My potentially challenging day

Today was girls' day with my friend/old roommate, Jess. We can be quite a pair when together... we definitely enable each other to make poor food choices. We are really good at justifying junk food for each other.

So I prepared for my day by going for a half hour jog... and ate healthy. I'm happy to report I really didn't use any flex points. Here's my day (food wise):

Breakfast: ww bagel (2), 2 egg whites (0), cheese slice (1), BM ketchup (0)

Lunch: 1pc rye bread (1), 2 tsp light cheese whiz (0), tomato slice (0)

Junk food with Jess: 14 real fruit candies (4), 100cal kit kat bar (2), 100cal popcorn (1)

Dinner (bourbon street grill from the food court) - my best guess: grilled chicken (4), rice - which is steamed and I'm guessing was 1 1/2 cups (6), steamed veg's (0). Kit kat bar (2)

I utilized chewing gum the rest of the evening in order to cope with any cravings that lingered... it was the sugar free freedent gum in bubble gum flavour.

Babysitting was SO MUCH FUN yesterday! I swear, if I knew my kids would be as easy as Simon... I would have a dozen of them and I would start now! He did not cry ONCE. Literally. He took the bottle so easily (which is good, because he's a breast fed baby).... he burped easily, fell asleep, went in the jolly jumper, enjoyed his bumbo seat, went for a walk with us to pizza hut to get our EDGE VEGGIE PIZZA for dinner... it was so great. Alex and I both cannot wait to babysit again soon.

Now I must go figure out how to prepare for my parent groups I start on Tuesday. Ugh. What have I gotten myself into?

Happy week... see you all 'lighter'!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Lovin' the new look! It is so pretty! I'll have to check it out as the templates that are available as default are not that exciting!
You did well with Jess...good job! It's so hard sometimes when your with an "enabler" (? if that is a word!!!).
And I agree with you about the baby thing...if I knew I'd have a good one then I'd be fine. I'm just scared I wouldn't and me without sleep is not a good combo!