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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bob Harper; heed my cry. I aspire to be a LOSER!

well, that's it... I just watched the premiere episode of the BIGGEST LOSER... I'm going to love this season, I can tell. And what's better? It goes until December... and I have a goal set for myself by Christmas! It will require hard work... but I won't give up!

I think If I were on the biggest loser I'd want Bob to train me... I just LOVE that man. He's so sweet and empathetic while being firm and encouraging and supportive (without crying - I love you Kim, but you couldn't cry as my trainer because I'd just cry right along with you). I think I'd love to spend a day with Jillian, but I don't know that I could handle more than that... she might make ME cry!!!

I loved how Bob told the blue team when they're craving the junk food just to chew on some gum (that is my coping strategy I developed last week! He and I are soooo in sync!!! haha!).

So, now I have to go watch BB (thank GOD... yes, AMBER... i said GOD) for time shifting! I can watch BB then go to BED!!!

I hit snooze twice this morning and didn't get up until 5:50am... but I still got on the treadmill! I have to say, the diet Red Rave was a great energy drink!!! I was on the treadmill and FINALLY feeling GOOD while on it... which even allowed me to realize how terrible my cardio strength is... so now that my shins are (hopefully) conditioned, I can build up my cardio!!

I ate too much today and went over my points and my goal caloric intake... but these things happen.

Breakfast: 1/2c ff cottage cheese (2), 1/4c mandarin oranges (1), 2 tbsp all bran buds (0)... WW english muffin (1), 2 tsp SF jam (0)

Lunch: 1/2c chick peas (2), cucumber (0), 30g light cheddar cheese (2), 2 tbsp FF ranch (1), in a ww pita (2), and a kozy shack tapioca (1)

Snack: apple (1)

Snack at home: cheese string (1), fig newton (0)

Dinner: ww pita (2), blue menu BBQ sauce, 2 tbsp (1), sliced turkey breast (1), cheese slice (1), WW bagel (2) with strawberry jam (0) and PB (2) - the bagel was my dessert. Yes, I carb over-loaded today!

Snack during biggest loser: 100cal popcorn (1), 100 cal cheetos (2)

This is when I stopped myself and reached for the gum!!!

Well, I think my melatonin is taking effect and I need to go watch BB!

Everyone have yourselves a merry little hump day tomorrow!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Biggest Loser was great! I was thinking that I would like to be on Jillian's team but maybe you're right, I might not last more than a day! I thought it was funny when Bob suggested the gum. It's a great idea but the guy was looking at him like he was crazy!! And I'm glad that Amber was the one to go. She gave up way too easily.
And BB - Daniele is obnoxious. I just flipped to it on commercials and saw that she won POV and then I didn't care.
It doesn't seem like you did too badly with your points considering you ran this morning. Do you take that into account at all?
Hope your day goes well today!
(Oh and tell Alex my dinners won't be so great as I actually have to work the next couple of days. I tend to slack on days when I work!)