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Saturday, September 01, 2007

So far, pretty good!

i shall start things off with a reminder of what I looked like at the beginning of my journey. I had already lost over 10lbs at this point. ugh.
I think I'm doing really well with this whole 'being honest with myself' thing. Now, the challenge will be to keep it up... ESPECIALLY since this is my PMS week... I guess it will only give me the chance to feel REALLY proud of myself, right??

Last night we went to Shoeless Joe's and I ordered a grilled chicken wrap with a side salad that had some carrots and tomato and onion and croutons on it (and I ate 2 croutons, took the rest off and put them on Alex's plate so i wouldn't be tempted by them)... with balsamic vinigrette on the side. they don't even have a grilled chicken wrap on the menu... but they have chicken wraps with breaded chicken, so I just asked for one with grilled chicken instead... and voila! they had it! after dinner we ventured up to woodbridge to watch the movie "superbad" (it was okay, had funny moments... a good rental I'd say... but definitely a boy movie)... so i got a grande sugar-free, fat-free caramel latte for the road at starbucks (they're 3 pts). I came home and alex went home... i felt a bit hungry so I did try one of my 1pt kozy shack puddings... they're just okay... for 1pts you really can't go wrong... but for the price of them, I won't buy them again probably. they're $4 for a pkg of 4. they did leave a little splenda after taste in my mouth. i much prefer their tapioca puddings.

Oh, and I did one bad thing... before I went to bed i found a bulk barn bag I had from a couple of weeks ago with about 10 (or less) gummi bears in it... i should have just thrown it out, but i couldn't (i can't throw food out that i've paid for for some reason!)... so i put them away in the cupboard... then woke up at about 3am and ate them. i technically still stayed within my points for the day... but i probably should have just thrown them out and not eaten them.... but anyway, i figured keeping with this whole honesty thing, i should confess (blog confessions of a foodie #1 for today).

Today is a challenge because it's a lazy saturday... i woke up with a headache... but it's a sinus headache so advil isn't doing much. i should get to shoppers and get something for sinus... but i haven't. i've just wanted to SNACK ALL DAY... but i've done pretty well in resisting (haven't totally resisted, because i am still human after all).

Here's today's food line up;

breakfast - 1/2 ww pita (1), 1/4c egg beaters (2), some frozen stir fry veggies (0), 1 tsp EVOO (1) **yay for me for counting the EVOO, because to be honest (today's foodie confession #2) - i haven't been counting oil when cooking with it for probably a year now. i really don't cook with it often, i typically use the becel spray.

lunch - tuna (2), 1/4c chick peas (1), cucumber and carrots (0), 1 tbsp FF miracle whip (0), 30g light cheddar (2), frank's hot sauce (0). no idea where i came up with that tuna salad... but it was pretty good (i love frank's on anything). banana (2), kozy shack pudding (1)

snacking in the afternoon - 100 cal pack of doritos (2), cheesestring (1) (what i REALLY WANTED is salty stuff... I could have eaten the whole damn box of the 100 cal doritos/sun chips/cheetos!!!!)

Dinner's plan? 1c ww pasta (3), and a homemade cheese sauce with some FF sour cream (but not sure how much so can't count the points) and mac and cheese powder from the bulk barn (2 tbsp for 1pt)... I saw once on "eat, shrink and be merry" that you can make kraft dinner with FF sour cream and cut out a lot of the calories... so I'm just attempting my own mac and cheese at home with the powder i bought at bulk barn! I may throw a chicken breast in there as well (3).

after dinner i will go on the treadmill!

**ETA - I just had a tbsp of FF sour cream with a tiny bit of cheese powder... it is YUMMY! a very good mac and cheese sauce! I did eat 3 reduced fat triscuits with it, so I have to add 1pt to my daily total**

ETA#2 - I did end up having chicken mac n' cheese for dinner... it was okay. i would have it again. so, it was chicken breast (3), 1c ww pasta (3), 3 tbsp FF sour cream (1), 2 tbsp cheese powder (1) - but next time i may only do 1 tbsp cheese powder... i think it was a bit too much. the sour cream might have been a bit too much kick for me too... i could also try FF evaporated milk in the future. or just some skim milk i suppose... 1/2 cup is only 1pt anyway! I also had 1 SF pudding and 2 SF peek frean cookies (2)... so yes, I have dipped into flex today. geez. but, i'm officially going on the treadmill RIGHT NOW! and it's okay to have used just a few flex points when i'm actually counting everything i'm putting in my mouth! the flex points ARE there for a reason i suppose!

TARA - I can totally empathize with you and the crackers and wagon wheels... jess and i have actually talked about the things we ate and hid from each other when we lived together even... we'd order 2 pizzas (we ate very different things on our pizza)... within 2 days i'd have mine gone and she'd still have some left so i'd pretend i didn't want it anymore and threw the rest out... not actually eating it all. she used to sneak KFC in her backpack and into her room so i wouldn't know she was eating it.. and i understand where you're coming from... of course john wouldn't get mad if you ate some of his food for his lunches... but the point is, you don't want him to know you ate them!!

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Tara said...

I'm so jealous of your Starbucks fancy drink. That place scares me...I have no idea how to order anything there that might be low point! I think I will write your drink down and carry it with me in my purse in case I ever get up enough nerve to order something!! Have you ever had any other low pt., yummy drinks there??
Good job on the "being honest" thing. I think I need to go back to square one again and do the same. There are things out there that I don't actually count either...ff salad dressing is one of them. When you use what I use, it does actually end up being a point or even 2! I just hate that!
I think John and I are going to see the Bourne movie tonight. He mentioned Superbad but I sort of nixed it after reading your review!!
AND did you get one the treadmill???
Love ya!