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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Well, it's the weekend...

... and I'm working. BUT at least I'm on 7A (my old ward at SickKids). I'm working an evening shift, which on our unit is 3:30-11:30. Then, tomorrow I have to meet up with the lady who hired me to run the groups for parents... she says if I like the first group session she can have me run the same one twice more... and keep me busy until March... I told her I'll see how the first one goes and I'll think about it. I'm a bit worried I'm biting off more than I can chew... working weekend at SickKids, Tuesday evenings downtown for the group... PLUS my full time mon-fri job... I guess time will tell!

Michele and Jacob and Simon are unexpectedly home this weekend in Pontypool... their car broke down on the way to Sudbury... so, the car is in Lindsay and Michele and Jacob and Simon are home until further notice... which SUCKS! I would LOVE to be able to go home for the evening now... but, making money will be worth it in the end.

I've already done my grocery shopping today... I only spent $80 this time (as opposed to $140 the last 2 times)... so, $80 for 2 weeks isn't too bad! Even better now, I'm done for 2 weeks (although I forgot fig newtons, but I think I can survive without them). I should take a photo of my fridge and freezer now... it's crazy! One person can't possibly need THAT much food!

We went to Montana's for dinner last night... it was crazy raining and we (read - I) decided we should have comfort food... I had a chicken breast sandwhich with cheese and BBQ sauce on it... I figured it was likely 10pts, and I had a baked potato on the side, which I only put a tsp of sour cream on maybe... AND I had a bite of Alex's cornbread.

Last night we came home and didn't even look for dessert... I think we were both so tired we just went straight to bed basically!!!

Today I haven't even eaten yet... and don't even know what I have planned to eat... My mind is scattered today!

I'll update once I have a menu planned!!

Happy weekend!

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