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Monday, September 03, 2007

Damn cookies. They got me.

Well, I typed a huge entry earlier today and somehow I hit something wrong and friggin lost it. I was NOT happy... so I took the rest of the day away from the computer.

Basically, I had confessed to eating COOKIES yesterday. I had decided to bake cookies for my dad (my parents and Kristen were stopping in after the CNE)... well, I caved and ate about 4 of them. Who knows how many points it was, but a I allowed 10. Given I hadn't eaten much breakfast and hadn't been hungry for lunch... plus I felt guilty after I ate them... I ended up not eating anything the rest of the day (because I wasn't hungry, I wasn't intentionally starving myself!)... and still had points left over. It was a moment of weakness... I did it, I accept it, and today... I move on.

BUT the good news about yesterday is I GOT ON THE TREADMILL and stayed on! I think I've found a band aid for my shin splints problem. Within 10min on the treadmill my shins were KILLING... so I took a break and tried Advil and rubbing a pain reliever on my shins ("024" from shoppers). What do you know? It worked!! I managed to get on the treadmill another 30min without having to stop after that!!

So, today I took Advil and put the pain reliever on my shins before even GOING on the treadmill... and I jogged for 50 minutes (well, 40min jogging and 10min warm up/cool down of walking)! YAY!! The pain reliever stuff I've used was just samples... so I ventured to Shoppers this afternoon to invest in some (hooray for Shoppers being open today!)... well, a tube of it is freaking $25!!! So, I decided 'what the hell?' and bought Rub A535 instead... hopefully that works just as well in combination with the Advil!!! I'm so happy though!!

Today my eating has been great... I'm right on plan. Here's what I've ingested:

*omelet made of 1/4c egg beaters (1), broccoli and red onion (0), 1 tsp EVOO (1), all in a whole wheat pita (2), with a cheese slice (1)

*apple (1)

*tuna (2) with tomato and cucumber and red onion (0), 2 tbsp FF ranch drsg (1)
*1/2 ww pita (1)
*banana (2)

*FF turkey breast deli meat (1)
*1 tbsp cream cheese light - garden flavour (1)

Dinner (a really good recipe I tried for the first time thanks to
*cook 1 chicken breast (3) in 1 tsp EVOO (1), throw in some sliced red pepper and broccoli (0), add 1c low sodium chicken broth (0) and bring to a boil. Add 1/2c brown rice (2) and cook until the rice is done (absorbs all the broth). It was really good!!! I think you could substitute the chicken with tofu and it would be good as well!
*strawberries and grapes (1) with a YUMMY dessert topping of 2 tbsp FF sour cream (1) mixed with 1 tsp brown sugar splenda (0). You mix the sour cream and sugar and then put it on top of the fruit... very very delicious!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend... and summer. I'm sad to see it be over.. but now to look forward to the fall.... thanksgiving, Alex turning 30, Halloween, my birthday, shopping in the states with Tara, mine and Alex's 4yr anniversary, and of course... CHRISTMAS! (then I can start dreading new years!).

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