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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The results are in.

I was down 1.4lbs!

It's not the 2.5 I was hoping for every week... but that doesn't mean I won't hit that next week... and it doesn't mean my loss is not something I should be happy with.

Note to self: next week don't eat triscuits the night before weigh in!!

Tara - I was thinking... since you weighed in a day early, now you have EIGHT days until the next weigh in... so you have an extra day to accomplish whatever you want!!

I shall reflect my ticker to update my results.

I had a turkey breast sub for dinner and oreo 100cal pack and a sf pudding... and I may have popcorn tonight... but I'm not hungry at the moment, so who knows!

I updated my weight on and it says I have to lose 2.3lbs per week to reach my goal by Christmas... I'm going to have to work pretty hard!! BUT... I know it will be worth it. This week I'm going to increase my treadmill speed... now that my shins are feeling fine. There we go - I have just set this week's goal.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!

Remember - if you're going to indulge - you may bulge.

Remember - no pain? BIG gain!

Remember - if you snack it, you must TRAK it!

Okay, I'm a geek with my rhymes... Here's a picture of a cupcake from my Easter cupcakes last year... just because I think they're pretty.

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