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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hump Day... with an update

Well, I appear to have survived my parent group unscathed! The group went pretty well, I have no complaints. Now I don't have to be as anxious next week.

I'm at work and can't even remember what I ate yesterday... but here's what I'm eating today:

Breakfast: 1c raisin bran (2), 1/2c skim milk (1), 10 almonds (2)

Lunch: corn and black beans (3), tomato (0), salsa (0), chicken (1) and light cheese (2). yogurt (1)

Dinner: I'm thinking breakfast for dinner tonight... an omelet or something.

Note to self - REMEMBER: NO TRISCUITS the night before weigh in!!

I got on the treadmill this morning, despite being extremely tired!!! Tonight's plan is to maybe go for an uphill walk on the treadmill for my 'last chance workout'... but if I'm too tired, I'm not going to kill myself over it.

Tara - I can't comment on your blog from my 'secret location'... but what is this about a night shift? I hope this really is your LAST one!!!

Happy Hump Day!

So, I didn't go on the treadmill. I'm exhausted tonight for some reason. I've been like this all day. I could have fallen asleep driving to work today. Soooo... I don't normally go on the treadmill on Thursdays, but I'm going to tomorrow... since I missed Tuesday this week.

I managed to stay away from the triscuits tonight! (yay!)... BUTTTTTTT... I did eat 2 sugar free shortbread cookies and 2 other peak freen lifestyle cookies... the high in fibre cranberry ones. Hopefully that won't be toooooo bad for tomorrow.

Dinner tonight - mushrooms, red onion, red pepper, green pepper, tomato (0), egg (2), egg whites (1), cheese (2). SF jello (1), kozy shack tapioca (1), cookies (4).

Crap. I just remembered I also ate 2 fig newtons (1). I don't know WHY I'm so TIRED and HUNGRY tonight. I guess it's a good thing I went on the treadmill this morning... AND will go on tomorrow. I'm not convinced I'll have a loss tomorrow at this point.

Oh well, C'est la vie... onward and upward if I'm UP tomorrow!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Glad your group went well!
Good luck've done well again this week. I'm sure you will see results :)
I didn't know that 2 fig newtons were only 1 point! Could I stop at just two though??? Something to think about!
You've tried the brown sugar Splenda before, right? What is it like for points?
Grey's is on tonight! What a good night it will be! Enjoy :)