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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Trying to remain positive...

on a day that was less than stellar at work, i shall remain positive and find the good things about my day (after all, this is not a 'work' blog - it's a weight blog!).

Positive things about my day
  1. I found 2 new smart ones varieties at Sobey's!! chicken parmesan (6pts) and a vegetarian lasagna (6pts). We're getting that much closer to all the WW food in Canada. I don't know why they don't wise-up and get those bagels over here yet! And maybe all the crystal light flavours while they're at it!
  2. I am resisting my INCREDIBLE sweets cravings. I am PMS'ing and since not being so meticulus about counting points and what I'm eating... I've been giving in to my sweets cravings. Today, I am NOT giving in! I did eat a 100 calorie pack chips ahoy- but that's okay!
  3. I was down at weigh-in! It was only 1lb... but (looking on the bright side), historically this has always been a week to be UP in weight (bloated week I call it)... so the fact that I'm down... I'll take it. Even if only a pound (maybe next week or the week after it will be more... as long as I just keep working as honestly hard as i have been!).
  4. BIG BROTHER is on tonight... and it's going to be a GOOD one!! Only 30min to go!!
  5. My Mastercard is officially PAID off! I've been working at it since January... and last night, I officially paid off every last cent! (now on to my line of credit, which is about the same amount I just paid on my m/c).

I couldn't sleep last night (I think I was excited because of paying off my m/c). I only got about 3hrs of sleep, but still got on the treadmill this morning... but only for a short time because I started feeling sick (probably lack of sleep... i get sick if i don't get enough sleep!).

I'm tired... time to go rest on the couch and make sure I get up and get back on the treadmill tomorrow... my new WW week starts tomorrow!

Tara - good luck for your WI tomorrow! Let me know how it goes!!! I bet that full OP fridge is helping!!

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