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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

To Weight, or Not To Weigh.... Everyday?

I know I've heard you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday. I know we're told to only weigh once a week because your weight does fluctuate daily... but I've found that (for myself) if I weigh myself every day it helps keep me in check... then I'm not avoiding my weight and it reminds me I have to keep on top of it. I know you can become obsessed with your weight (hello! most of us are already anyway - we just don't develop an eating disorder per se)

What do you think?

I read a study Weigh Everyday to Keep Obesity Away. It makes sense to me (I can see both sides to the argument though).

So, I was good today. I went on the treadmill AND added weights. I think I reached some anaerobic status there... I thought I was going to vomit and pass out. I haven't had much of an appetite all day really, but once I forced myself to eat I did feel better.

I think I'm going to go for a fast walk on the treadmill this evening... since I didn't get on the treadmill yesterday.

My food today has been pretty sad (due to lack of appetite)
BF - shredded wheat and bran (1), multigrain Life cereal (2), skim milk (1)
L - apple (1), lettuce (0), salmon 1/2c (2), hellman's spritzer (0)

I can't even think about dinner... I think it will be soup... maybe eggs.. I don't know. It does feel like a 'breakfast-for-dinner' kind of day.

*ETA: I had tomato slices with real cheese and hummus (3) as well as veg soup (1?) for dinner. To give the soup a kick (it typically has a slightly sweet flavour) I added FRANK'S hot sauce and garlic. It was GOOOD! I think I STILL smell like garlic. Thank the lord I was here alone last night*

Happy Haunting everyone - stay away from those god awful Halloween Candy!!

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