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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Fridge: Disaster Site

I'm back to add photos of my fridge and cupboards as of right now. Here's a peek into my choatic kitchen after my HUGE grocery shop.

I took photos of the fridge and the individual shelves because it's so hard to see how much is ON each shelf. You may notice the diet coke box has nestea iced tea in it. I drink diet coke. Alex drinks Iced tea. I'm out of diet coke and his iced tea was falling out of the box (because of how I so cleverly put it in the fridge) So now the diet coke box holds his iced tea. I actually have more diet coke in my trunk. crap. I just remembered about it. There is NO ROOM in my fridge for pop. Guess that means I won't be drinkint it. It can stay in my trunk for now. There's also a photo of my stash of gum that gets me through my craving/weak periods!

Here's the madness as summarized by photos.

Yaknow, it wasn't until I looked at these photos did I realize I didn't need to buy lemon juice today - I have some on my fridge door! Oops! Oh well, lemon juice for breakfast tomorrow!

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