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Monday, October 29, 2007

Snack Attack

Okay, so I decided on a snack.

sliced tomato with cheez whiz (1), although that didn't spread very well on tomato so I added a cheese slice (1) and 1tbsp hummus (0) and then 15 almonds (2)

Here you have it;

Oh, I double-checked on the hummus. I'm never exactly sure if 1 tbsp is 1 point or if it's 0 points. I make the WW hummus recipe and 1/4c is 2pts... sure enough, 1 tbsp is 0pts! At least now I know! 1tbsp works out to be like 22 calories but has 1.25g of fibre (and 0.5g of fat), so it's like 0.23pts technically... so I count that as 0 points!

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