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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I could write a book

I think I could write a book on how to NOT lose weight... or how to sabotage yourself.

I came down with a cold on Friday evening and was stuffed up all weekend and feeling tired. Yesterday morning when my alarm went off my whole body was achey and my head was cloudy and my nose was stuffy... I couldn't get out of bed - which meant NO TREADMILL. This morning, same thing (but not as bad).

I want so badly to reach my goal... I just need to start pushing myself that much harder!!!

I really didn't have an appetite yesterday. I didn't eat breakfast (bad, I know, but I just couldn't force myself to eat when I felt like crap), lunch was 0pt veggie soup I threw together with chicken broth, water, tomatoes, green and yellow beans, and broccoli, source yogurt (1), 3c smart pop popcorn (1). Snack before my parent group was another 3c popcorn (1). I need groceries desperately but am waiting until this weekend to do a big shop... so I stopped at Superstore and got veggie california roll sushi with brown rice (4) and some seaweed salad (1 - i LOVE that stuff). Then I had 2 pieces of rye bread with SF strawberry jam (3) and 2 light rye wasa crackers (1).

Today I still don't have an appetite but I think I'll try to force myself to eat something for breakfast... why the disinterest in food?

I was reading Tara's blog and she was mentioning how hard it's been for her finding interesting things for dinner... I'm feeling the same. I'm blaming it on exhaustion and lack of exciting food in the house. I've decided this weekend I'm going to make some hummus after watching Stacey eating it on toast this weekend - it looked really good.

Time to finish getting ready for work. I'm torn - do I force myself to eat when I'm just not hungry? I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I don't want to hinder my weight loss even more... I guess I'll try to eat at least a little something. Stay tuned to find out WHAT I eat!

Happy Birthday Jim and Bill. I was sad to see Jim go home but I have to be honest - I was just happy it wasn't one of Bob's people. I love Bob!!

I just realized it's Hump Day already. I'd be happy for that if I wasn't working at SickKids this weekend (well, on Saturday). I don't know how long I can keep up the 3 job thing. Ugh.

Happy day!!

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