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Sunday, October 28, 2007

My book begins today, tomorrow is unwritten...

... but I AM the author. I decide how my story goes, ESPECIALLY when it comes to what I eat and my weight.

Okay, so I stole lyrics from Natasha Bedingfield because I heard the song on my way home from my SickKids shift... but it all applies.

Last night may be a bit of a write-off. When I look back and TRY to account for everything (including the celebration alcohol) I think I used about 20 flex points. Yikes. The good news? I have the week to recover, and that started today. I have stayed within my points and caloric intake as recommended by the daily plate website.

The fun stuff... what did I indulge in last night? (the shorter question would be what DIDN'T i indulge in?). The story goes as follows.

appetizer? baked goat cheese (i ate half the portion)
drink? italian soda - the special drink of the day that included about a dozen kinds of alcohol including lemon cello
another drink? green apple martini - followed by water
bread you say? yep, i ate half (maybe more) of the table bread AND the whipped butter
entree? I ordered the teriyaki chicken (REALLY GOOD!) and then I was very well behaved and requested the vegetables be steamed and not sauteed or anything... so I had steamed mushrooms and green beans.
I then ate birthday trifle at home later... followed by a 3am chapman's frozen yogurt craving. with chocolate chips. ahhh... honesty feels good.

Today is much better. We have
BF - 2 egg whites and egg beaters (1) with 2 tbsp salsa (0) and a banana (2)
AM Snack - cheese slice (1), 15 almonds (2), source yogurt (1)
Lunch - 2 slices ww bread (1), 1 slice had 1tbsp cheez whiz light (1), 1 tbsp hummus (0), salsa (0) while the other slice had 1tbsp blue menu almond butter (2) and 1 tbsp SF jam (1)
Snack - green apple (1)
Dinner - lean cuisine mango curry chicken (6)
later night snack (because saturday nights on the ward at the hospital becomes a food party) - i ate 5 mini-pitas (2), 1tbsp wendy and barb's baba ganoosh (1)

still, when I stepped on the scale tonight - here is what I found. So, tomorrow I know what I must do.


1 comment:

Tara said...

Mmmm, your dinner sounds so great! It was a special occasion...sometimes that happens. And the good news is that you have accounted for it all as best you can and are continuing to stay on track. That's the good thing about this plan. It takes into account that life gets in the way sometimes :)
I hope your week goes well and THANK YOU for all your kind words and support!!!
Love your fav blog buddy XOXO