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Monday, October 08, 2007

My Weekend in Review

Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

I could have done better... but I could have done a LOT worse. In fact, I did better over Thanksgiving weekend than I did when I was home just for a visit last weekend. If I have figured everything out alright I only used 8 flex points this weekend (6 Sunday after Thanksgiving dinner, and 2 today). On top of it all I had points left over on Saturday (4 points left) - so it all balances out a little better too.

I only had ONE dinner to contend with (thankfully!). I had a little slice of turkey (not a turkey fan anyway), 1/2c stuffing - made with ww bread and chicken broth and some onions and whatnot, 1/2c whipped potatoes - whipped with chicken broth and garlic, some turnip and some squash. I had crustless pumpkin pie for dessert (2pts for a HUGE piece) and I had a little bit of jello (2)... later in the day (we eat our dinner at lunch time) I did cave and eat a maple square thingy my aunt makes - they're really good.

The one thing that did NOT happen was my trampoline (planned) workout. It was pouring rain and quickly turned into a big thunderstorm Saturday resulting in a power outage for a few hours... You couldn't have dragged me outside to the trampoline if you put a gun to my head!

So, all in all I did okay. I ate as well as I could have hoped and I didn't get in my activity. We will see how this week's WI goes as it IS that dreaded time of the month (TMI? sorry!).

I have just looked through the latest WW magazine and have added another 100 things I want to buy in the States (ww pitas for 1pt, 100cal packs, ww muffins, smuckers sugar free jam, western alternative bagels, different kernels seasonings in parmesan and garlic and caramel, different smart ones dinners and desserts, ww bagels, crystal light... do you think I'll have room for all of this coming home?? haha!)

My plan of action for the week ahead - I'm simmering vegetable soup on the stove and I've taken out chicken breasts that are thawing and will make some brown rice - that is my detox week!!! I've also been working on holding the plank for 1 minute. Once I can go an entire commercial break I will work towards those killer plank things. Also... the treadmill... which MAY be challenging given I have a cold and am tired and it hurts to breathe - but I will try! I HAVE TO REACH MY CHRISTMAS GOAL! ONLY 11 MERE WEEKS LEFT!!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

You did awesome on the weekend...only 8 flex points used, that's crazy :)
Your dinner sounds very good. I think we had the same pumpkin recipe that you did. And it is very tasty! If only I would have made that for J's family dinner! But instead I went all out with the real thing. Oh well, you only get pumpkin pie once a year, right??
Hopefully your cold gets better so you can kick the scale's ass despite this month's timing :)