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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

“That’s a great idea!”

Quote is courtesy of my nephew.  He’s all about “great ideas” right now. Everything either he or someone else suggests is “a great idea”.  Have I mentioned I love him? His great idea of the weekend at grandma and grandpa’s house was to play and have picnics under the kitchen table… This is Simon and his grandma playing:


Today my great idea was to get up and get on the treadmill right away. No cleaning, no packing lunch, NO INTERNET.  It worked! I got a short jog in!  It’s okay it was short. I just need to get back into the swing of things first.

I had to make a quick breakfast… it was 1pc ww toast (1), 1/2tbsp Crofter’s (0), 2 egg whites (0)

DSCN5149 DSCN5150 DSCN5151

Snack was some sliced strawberries (1)


Lunch was some veggies (0) and baked fish cut up and mixed in (1) and some Sun Rype mini bites (2)



Snack was 1/2c greek Liberte (1) with 2tbsp PB2 (1)mixed in… Someone asked in the comments from yesterday how the Liberte greek compares to others – unfortunately I have no answer for that because I haven’t tried any other greek yogurts!  Sorry!  Blame Canada… we don’t have any other greek yogurts available here (that I know of)!

DSCN5153 DSCN5155

Dinner was pretty random. I indulged in more of the Terra Chips from yesterday (4)


Then had another piece of ww toast (1) with a smidge of Crofter’s (0) and 1tbsp of almond butter (2)

Wish me luck for tomorrow!  I’ll be back to post my weigh in results. Back to LOSSES at weight watchers!

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