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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I ♥ Weekends!

Happy weekend!

It’s a rather rainy, gloomy, cool day in Toronto. It kind of reminds me of fall rather than spring. When I was out this morning I was trying to figure out why today reminds me of fall rather than spring. I think I’ve decided cool gloomy days remind me of fall while warm gloomy days remind me of spring.

I did a thorough grocery shop today for the first time in 3 weeks!  This also happens to be my first full day at home in 3 weeks as well, since the last 2 weekends have been spent at my parents’ house.

I ate some Mr Greek leftovers for lunch (no pictures!) and then baked some of April's low carb pumpkin bread… but I also added some pumpkin pie spice for fun. Once it was done I ate a piece (only 1pt!!) with some apple butter on it


I am currently waiting for my oatmeal to finish baking before I head for a nice, relaxing bath. I think Alex and I will then decide what to eat for dinner and break open 1 or maybe 2 wine bottles!

We had this wine (rather, I had it) at his office Christmas party this year… it went down so smooth and I drank a heck of a lot of it. So much so that I couldn’t remember what the wine was called to later go buy it!  Well… I remembered today while at the LCBO!


I also really love champagne… but it’s a little pricey, so I settle for sparkling wine sometimes.  Today I came across this sparkling wine…


Happy Saturday to all!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your wine last night. :) I love relaxing with a glass (or two) on the weekends.