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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back to Basics


I have been a Weight Watchers member for lord knows how long now (years we’re talking) and I’ve never reached goal weight. After a year or two I stopped going to meetings. I felt like I had heard it all.  I loved the location I went to. It was in a senior’s home with big comfy chairs and a fire place to boot.  My leader was great.  I found, however, that it was all seniors who attended the meeting and they asked the same questions over and over each week. It started testing my patience.

I have ended up changing locations recently and decided last week that THIS would be the week I stay for a meeting again.


The leader is a bit younger and easy to listen to. She’s not overly enthusiastic and speaks to us like adults. She doesn’t force anyone to talk and keeps it humorous. I loved it.

I felt so happy with my decision to stay for the meeting.  The topic was portion control.  I’m definitely guilty of eyeing over a potato or banana and guessing how many points it is.  It’s definitely inspired me to count everything this week (and all of them thereafter) and not just wing it or guess how much I’m eating.

I enjoyed my sub tonight and a bag of mini eggs.  I have taken no photos. I’ve been relaxing.  I’m solo tonight, which sucks… but these things happen.

Here’s what my sub looked like though (same thing every week!)


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Jenny said...

The leader really does make the meeting (and the members, too!). Glad that you found one you enjoy :)

Take care,