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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Eggs SANS Ham




I hope everyone has had a wonderfully green day and perhaps enjoyed some green beer or a real Irish beer (Guinness perhaps?).  I have behaved myself (such a bad Irish girl) as I drank beer AND wine on Friday.

Today I focused on eating healthy green food!

Breakfast was quick (I slept in thanks to a late night last night and being very tired today)… a green apple (1)


Snack was dried kiwi (2) and dried green grape raisins (2)

DSCN5206 DSCN5207

Lunch was a spinach salad with cucumber (0), skim milk mozzarella (2) and Renee's Wellness Cucumber & Dill yogurt dressing, 2tbsp (2) – soooo good! Tastes like dill pickle chip dressing on my salad!

DSCN5208 DSCN5210

This is what lunch looks like… yep, I eat at my desk!


Afternoon snack was GREEN edamame (2)


Dinner was GREEN EGGS… SANS HAM (I don’t eat pork. Makes my tummy queezy!). I cooked up 6 egg whites with spinach (2) with a side of steamed veggies (0) and chicken breast (3)


Dessert was a small banana (1) with a mix of Greek and Coconut Liberte (2) – no green. Oops.


I even pulled off a walk at lunch today. 4km in 40min… not too bad for the start of the season (thank you Mr. Garmin for guidance)!  Some pictures from my pretty walk… including a new friend I made.  Note to self: update iPod and charge it. My walking friend has gone and got herself knocked up and is on mat leave… so I’m walking solo and it’s LONELY!

DSCN5232 DSCN5235 DSCN5241 DSCN5249 DSCN5250

Happy Thursday!  I have no predictions for Weigh In. It’s my oh-so-fun bloated week.  I have officially changed WW locations though and will stay for meetings again. I already look forward to my turkey sub with Alex!!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Hehe, Loving the green eggs! Thanks for sharing how you made them green- I'm going to have to try.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!