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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Burrito Friday!

On Friday I convinced Alex to go try the new gourmet burrito place at Fairview Mall.  It’s called Z-Teca

Alex quickly decided on a beef burrito with pico de gallo.  I, however, was torn. I am bound and determined to stay within my points for the weekend (there is no nutritional info on their website, you just have to figure it out yourself), but I really wanted a burrito (as opposed to a salad).  The kid behind the counter was very friendly and helpful and once I told him why I was indecisive… he suggested I get a burrito but rather than getting white rice in it, get lettuce. GENIUS. If Alex wasn’t with me, I may have kissed the kid. 

I ended up with a burrito made with a whole wheat wrap with lettuce, black beans, chicken, a little cheese, pico de gallo and a little hot sauce.

My burrito

DSCN5356 DSCN5357 DSCN5359

The verdict? DELICIOUS. Definitely will get it again. I also would like to try the vegetarian one which comes with guacamole and roasted corn.

Alex’s burrito (with rice and beef)


He found his a bit too filling and actually couldn’t eat the whole thing!  BUT, we both loved them and may make this a regular Friday meal!

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