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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Take that, scale!


Down 1.6lbs!  The scale is my b!tch!!!

I have been home now to enjoy some of this…


Well… I’ve only eaten half of it and there’s a reason for that.  When we were at Subway I asked exactly HOW hot the jalapeño peppers are, so the sandwich artist let me try one. I popped the whole thing in my mouth at the same moment he and Alex both exclaimed “DON’T EAT THE WHOLE THING!”. Too late. Damn did it burn!  Apparently because the core/seeds were still in, that makes it really hot. My tongue went numb, I swear!  So… I opened the drink cooler, grabbed a chocolate milk and started chugging.  Drinking a whole 2c of chocolate milk filled me up I think! I’ve only had room for half the sub!  I’m thinking I may be able to finish it off before the end of Grey’s Anatomy… I don’t want it to sit in my fridge all night and get soggy.

I got a few groceries today that I’m excited about

  • unsweetened apple butter
  • natural cashew butter
  • unsweetened dried kiwi
  • unsweetened dried cherry cranberries
  • GREEN raisins (I like green grapes, figured I’d give them a try!)
  • coconut

I bought a few green things to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day which is fast approaching!  Any other fellow Irish lads and lassies out there excited?

In honour of the day (March 17th for anyone who doesn’t know)… I’m going to eat all green foods (healthy ones) that day!  There will be other colour in my food as well… but the foods will be primarily green and green based!

Anyone else care to join me and eat healthy green for St. Patrick’s Day?  I’m going to take photos of all of my food for sure that day to prove I’ve done it!

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