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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Word of the day is... BANANAS!

Today I am reminded of the song that goes "this sh*t is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s". Today is bananas and skim milk day. It's not a fun day... but the bananas do taste good. I went ahead and had some bran tonight too, just for fun.

I didn't get on the treadmill today. Getting up at 6am was just not happening... but then again, last night I was up until after midnight. Tonight I am heading to bed right now... in about 10min!

So, in order to get to bed... I'm making this quick.

Here's what I ate today
Breakfast: banana (2), 1c skim milk (2)
Lunch: soup (0), 2 bananas (4)
Dinner: soup (0), 2 bananas (4), bran cereal (3), 3c skim milk (6)
Total: 21 (much more than yesterday! pretty good!)
Water: 3.5L lemon water

Tomorrow I get to eat CHICKEN! I went and bought a roasted chicken and I've gotten tomorrow's lunch made already... chicken without the skin already measured and packed for tomorrow! Want a sneak preview? Tomorrow will consist of chicken, tomatoes and soup!

So, who watched Biggest Loser tonight? Crazy little twist that got unveiled. So far I'm liking all of the contestants!! Can't wait to see what happens each week!

Happy hump day!

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