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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photo Sunday!

Today the snow fell all day... and i got to stay all warm and cozy in my little apartment. I should have gone out once i realized i was out of flour and couldn't bake something i was supposed to... but i stayed in. i will be forced to bake one evening after work instead.

Basically today was uneventful. I did do some baking and some cleaning... and some being lazy. I managed to spend 1hr on the treadmill and do the biggest loser cardio. I also got a call BEGGING me to come in to work on 7A for an evening shift... but i said no. After seeing the continuous snow fall today... I'm glad I stayed home.

Here's what I ate:
Breakfast: ww toast (1), 2 egg whites (0), cheese slice (1), yogurt (1)
Lunch: 1/2 homemade veggie pizza with mozarella cheese (5), fruit salad (2)
Snacking while baking and having a chocolate square (BAD): 10
Dinner: lettuce wraps with chicken (3), cheese (1), 1tbsp ff miracle whip (0), tomato and cucumber (0), yogurt (1), wasabi peas (2)
Total: 27 - wowzers. Thank you flex points
water: 4L (and maybe more still)

Here are some photos of today's food . First is dinner - lettuce wraps with chicken breast, cheese, tomato, cucumber, miracle whip and mustard (with yogurt and wasabi peas on the side)

Next we have my lunch. I bough pizza crust and sauce (prepackaged at Superstore)... 1/2 the pizza is 3pts (with the sauce). I added steamed zucchini, mushrooms, green and red peppers and skim milk mozarella to total 5 points for the 3 slices of pizza you see there... plus the fruit salad.
Here is the whole pizza as it appeared out of the oven:
Happy Monday... ugh... Monday already. Remember - it's not too late to recover from the weekend and prepare for weigh in this week! At least I'm counting on it after all the baking I ate today...

1 comment:

Tara said...

Your pizza looks amazing!!! What kind of crust was it?
And I don't think you can call an hour on the treadmill plus a workout video being lazy! That's great :)
I have some good feelings about 2009 for you!!!!
PS. How did it get to be Monday again already??