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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome 2009

Hello and a big "WELCOME" to 2009

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Ours was a little different... but I still loved it. It started the weekend before Christmas. For the first time in my entire life, the Sibley family Christmas was cancelled (the Sunday of bad weater). It was devastated. I had done soooooo much baking, but on top of that... it's tradition. Regardless, I would trudge on and enjoy my holidays. In the mean time, I had put out 5 platters of baked goods for the day... next thing I knew, we were snacking on squares and cookies and chocolates all day. BAD! I did everyone a favour and packed them away. But, just to quickly sum up my eating... I ate everything I wanted all week after that. End of story.

Michele and Jacob came down with the flu. I was in Pontypool on Tuesday morning (slept over Monday night) and the phone rang... Michele and Jacob were both so sick they needed someone to come get Simon, they just couldn't take care of him. Neither of them could even stomach changing his diapers. Mom and dad took off to Hamilton to get him and bring him back to Pontypool for the night... Michele's first night away from her baby. I took off to Toronto to my hair appointment and meet Alex for our Christmas. Well, the weather turned crappy Tuesday night as well... our traditional dinner out at Swiss Chalet quickly turned into a dinner IN (thank you, delivery). I didn't care, as long as we still saw each other. I already had my lovely Christmas gift (which I am typing on from my couch with my very own wireless internet now! woohoo!). I was just happy to watch him open gifts from me. We settled for the night and the next morning was Christmas eve!!! I hurried to Pontypool and spent the day playing with Simon. Michele and Jacob arrived (feeling slightly better) and we all headed to Aunt Faye's up in Cameron for Christmas eve. We got home, went to bed... I fell asleep around 1am and was back up at 3am... and could NOT get back to sleep.... by 6am I managed to be asleep and by 7:30 my nephew was waking me up telling me "Tanta... oh oh oh!" had come! We opened gifts... I got an AWESOME 32" LCD TV from my parents (no more old TV with colours running together and red shadows everywhere!). Christmas day Michele and Jacob headed to Courtice to see the Ruffs... Kristen came down sick and her and Kurt stayed home... so, just mom and dad and I went to Lindsay for Christmas dinner with the family. We usually do the "steal a gift" game, but everyone ended up leaving early for other family gatherings... or to follow Grandma and Poppa Jim home to make sure they got home safe (Grandma can't tolerate being out for more than a few hours anymore and Poppa Jim's bone disease is so bad he can't walk sometimes and uses a walker... people worried about them getting home with ice near their front door). So, most people left and we stayed to visit with Uncle Danny for a while... then we headed home to Pontypool. I stayed there until Sunday night and got back (to my place) around 11:30pm. Monday I left around noon to head to Hamilton to babysit Simon for the night!!! My first night with my nephew... LOVED IT! He slept from 8:30pm through to 8am. How lucky am I? Unfortunately I developed flu symptoms myself and have not had an appetite since Monday. I can count on 2 hands what I have eaten since then... and my scale thanks me.

So, on to business... I have 1 week until I go back to WW. I had planned on doing that "diet" thing I did in the summer to help me get back on track... unfortunately all I have been able to eat for a few days now is toast (but I graduated from dry toast to toast with margarine!). I did, however, discover "G2"... a low calorie gatorade! I bought 2 six packs of it!

On top of it all, I had a minor flood in the kitchen today. I called the super on duty and he came and determined we needed an emergency plumber... so, I had them in the kitchen today, ripping a hole in my pantry and finding a pipe with a leak... it's not fixed entirely, they will be back tomorrow to fix the pipe and my pantry.

I guess the "plan" is to get back on track as soon as possible... Once I'm feeling all better I will get right back to the treadmill and eating right and losing weight. This will be the year of good things for me. I like odd numbered calendar years.

There you have it, my long update. I have changed my blog layout but need to get photoshop installed on my new computer to do a better banner... so bear with my crappy one until then please!!

Good luck in 2009 to all!!


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