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Monday, January 19, 2009


I forgot to take photos of my meals for today! But... my lunch was the same as yesterday (the pizza) and my dinner was just a salad with tuna... not exciting.

I'm sad the weekend is over. Having quiet days on Friday and Sunday made it that much harder to go back to work today. I guess Friday will be here again before we know it... and what's exciting is that I'm not working this weekend! I have a weekend off!! I work again the following weekend... but I will enjoy one weekend with 2 days free of work (and pay... but what can you do?).

Today I got on the treadmill for just over an hour... almost an hour and a half actually! I ended up doing 9K in 1hr and 15min... one day if I can do 10K in an hour I'll run with my dad... but I was happy with my results today. I went to work and then came home and did the Biggest Loser workout. I really really didn't want to do anything when I got home... but, I HAVE to reach goal weight this year... many things are relying on it... so, I got my butt in gear. I'm not playing around this year!! I finished the workout and then made tomorrow's lunch and did the dishes... now I blog and then I go to bed. Tuesdays are always the HARDEST for getting on the treadmill. I slept in until 9am today!!! Getting up at 6 is going to be tough.

Confession before I post what I ate... I got into some chocolate when I got home tonight. GRRR! I almost had a picture-perfect day! Why did I do that to myself? I didn't even REALLY want it!

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast - small banana (1), yogurt (1)
Lunch: pizza (5), yogurt (1)
Snack: wasabi peas (2)
Dinner: salad with tuna (2), ff italian (1), cheese (2), yogurt (1), snap peas and baby carrots (0), almonds (2)
Snack: chocolate squares (?6)
Total: 24
Water: 5L

Tomorrow - Treadmill, Biggest Loser... and NO CHOCOLATE!!!

Tara: My pizza crust is from Superstore/Loblaws. It's a blue menu multi grain pizza crust thing that comes with TWO crusts and includes 2 sauce packages... one entire pizza (sauce and crust) is 6pts... I steamed veggies in my glad steam bag (which is the same as the ziploc steam bag but cheaper) and then added skim milk mozzarella cheese. It was really good!! Here's the link !!


Tara said...

Wow! You are rockin' that treadmill, Missy!! I'm so proud :) And an hour and a half?? Stellar work.
I'm so going to have to go to Loblaws and get some pizza crust. That is a great deal on the points. I hope that little ole Lindsay has it!!
As for your questions, I am addicted to Wendy and Barb's hummus. 2 tbsp is 0 pts. And it tastes great. I have made my own before but I think I misplaced the recipe!!
Laura has a treadmill and I've been really craving a run!! She did a workout video and I ran for 35 min. and walked for 5 min. It's too cold outside so I had to take her up on her offer and that's when she was available to work out!! Kinda sucked cause I was settled in. BUT...gotta get it done :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some motivation Princess! I'm seriously impressed...not only by the exercise but also by reading over your last week of food entries! Puts me to shame...even when I stay within the points, I'm terrible at food choices overall! I'm beginning to think this blogging thing might be a good idea as a motivational tool for myself but not sure I can make the leap to put my bad habits and struggles in writing! I did, however, finally figure out how to comment on your blog!