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Monday, January 12, 2009

Say hello to my old friend, Bob Harper!

So... since my dear friend, Tara, can slam out a confession today... so can I. I wasn't so busy this weekend that I couldn't post... I was ashamed of how quickly I fell off track on the weekend. I finished the soup diet and lost all willpower... I ate everything i wanted to eat all week and then some. I ate fluffernutter sandwiches right before bed each night... I ate chocolate from christmas... popcorn... it was nuts. I got back on track a bit on Sunday but Alex and I went for all you can eat sushi (at Makimono in Pickering)... the soy sauce caused some water retention on the scale this morning (at least I hope it was water retention. It was not pretty). I tried not to eat anything the rest of the day (sushi was at 2pm)... but by 7pm I was hungry so I ate two HEAPING bowls of cereal (corn bran and multi grain cheerios... could be worse). Treadmill this weekend didn't happen.

Today was a new day. I can NOT let it take as long this year as it did last year to get back on track after Christmas... so, this morning I was back on the treadmill for 45min. I went to work and came home at 8:30 and popped in an oldie but goodie... my Biggest Loser cardio max. I actually forgot how I enjoy that workout. I just did the 30min one (level 1)... and I was feeling it. I really do love Bob.

Now, for what I ate today. I'm off the soup diet but trying to stick to the principals of it. I should mention... I recently decided this is the year. 2009 is the year I HAVE to reach goal weight. It's actually not an option not to at this point... for a couple of reasons, which I will spare you at this time.

Here's what i ate:
Breakfast - fruit salad (2), banana (2), ww toast (1), 2 wedges light laughing cow (1)
Lunch: 1c brown rice (4), leftover veggie soup (0), fruit salad (2), yogurt (1)
Snack: snap peas and baby carrots (0)
Dinner: tuna (1), 1tbsp ff miracle whip (0), cheese (1), 3 lettuce leaves to make tuna lettuce wraps (0)
Total (yes, I should have eaten more but I'm doing damage control. I have issues): 15
Water: 6L - working on water retention from yesterday

Tomorrow I work from 9am-8pm. I have already packed lunch AND dinner for tomorrow and the dishes are done... I am trying to ensure I do get on the treadmill in the morning AND hopefully do the BL workout after work again.

Happy Tuesday. I just realized I am going to miss the first half hour of BL tomorrow. That sucks!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Yay!! Go 2009 :) OK, but now you have to confess why you're determined this is the year...not that there needs to be a reason...BUT it seems like there is!?!?!???
Please give yourself more than 2points for dinner today, crazy girl!!!! You're excercising so you need fuel.
Good work. I'm back and WE can do this :)

Love and miss ya!